Saturday, January 9, 2010

That header still cracks me up.. hehe

You may be in danger friends - Thanks to Mollys tutorial, I've got out the cameras and cleaned off the lens... hehe. You know I'm serious if I've been outside already to shovel a path through snow that's higher than my knees just so I can go outside and take pictures later. If I survive right now, that is. Whew.. that was some work for a girl who hasn't yet had any breakfast. Truth be told, I'm only halfway done with the shoveling. I don't have to shovel through the back, but I mean honestly - what good is it to have a hot tub if you can't get to it on a subzero degree day? Huh? Huh?? Exactly... so I have to shovel. I'll take some pics later and show you. Kitty seems better today "yay" so I've decided to just be one with my camera and play today. (I just was laughing to myself because I almost became "one" with my shovel when I came inside 'cuz it was frozen to my mitten) hahahaha. Yes, I crack myself up sometimes. I'm a weirdo, what can I say?

So now, I'm thinkin' a broccoli and cheese omelet sounds good. And another cup of coffee sounds even better. Then I'm gonna figure out how to link my flickr account to this blog and you're all gonna be in trouble hehehehehe.

Nope. It ain't gonna happen. I know there's a big tub full of 104 degree water out there, but this mountain is a little too big for this girl (she says as she's sitting with a hot pack across her neck and shoulders). I went out and gave it another try - but i fought the snow and the snow won. Which is ok, I guess, gives me lots of time to figure out more about my iMac and how to do stuff.... hehehe Just wanted ya to see the kind of snow I'm talkin' about. (and no, I haven't figured out how to edit pictures on here either - when I moved to mac - that meant I had to say goodbye to my Photoshop. I was sad, but I'll figure out somethin'.


Mia said...

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to resize pictures on blogger? I could drag the corner manually on a PC, but can't figure it out to save my life on a mac. I uploaded small, but it automatically cut the picture in half... HELP!!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm so glad to hear that Lizzy is better. That must have been beyond nerve-wracking! And I love the new header. I think I remember the first time you posted that picture!

I usually size pictures before uploading them onto blogger. I crop them on iphoto and that seems to work fine. I don't often upload right from flickr because that seems to be an issue for me whether I'm on mac or pc. I can't remember if I used "small" or "thumbnail," though.