Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm blown away...

No, not by the snow.... there's so much out there I'd have to dig my way out. I called in sick this morning so I could go pick up a prescription..... things just happen. I just opened my email to find a note from a total stranger who has just lost her husband. Her daughter is a blog friend. She was writing on behalf of her daughter to thank me for the continued support I've given her daughter with wee comments on her blog as she's been going through the heartache of slowly and quietly, losing her dad.

Miracles happen in the strangest ways... but I was so touched this morning that she took the time to write at this most heartbreaking time of her life to thank me for her daughter... my friend may have just lost her father yes, and she is truly in mourning, but praise be she has an awesome mom to help her! My thoughts are with them all today.

So I just wanted to take a minute to pass that grateful feeling on to you my friends.... If not for my blog(s) and my blog friends out there, I'm not sure I'd be here to write this post at all. Truth. These past few years have been wicked hard. Just sayin'. So first of all, I want to remind everyone that's able, and has someone to hug, do it. Do it now. Then do it again. And because I don't have a cool mom who's ever gonna write and tell you how much you mean to me, I'm taking a minute this morning to specially thank all of MY blog friends for the support, encouragement, and kind words you have and continue to share.... YOU are who got me through these past few years and I wanted to tell you so. I didn't realize until this morning just how powerful and precious words from the heart can be - more than we may ever know - both coming and going. Amen. And thank you.

Carry on.

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

You're most welcome Hon. I'm always here as you can see. Prayers go out to your friends in their time of grief. xxoo