Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it just me?

Or is this a weird Christmas season? I know... my head is all messed up, just turning 49 and being divorced (I hate saying that) but I just can't get in the spirit. I want to, but it's not happening. Seems like a lot of people are that way this year though. I don't want to be but I"m tryin' as hard as I can to be "festive"....

So in honor of it all, I'm jackin' my heat up to 66 (from the normal 62). But then what? AhHA! I think I have a solution! Cheers.

And P.S. - Why didn't someone remind me that two kitties means double litter box cleaning? This new baby poops like a trooper. So huh??? where were my friends when I still had the option to say no. as if I ever did. but still!!!!!!!!


Sheepish Annie said...

I have no holiday spirite whatsoever. If I am ready for the 25th, it'll be a miracle. I don't even have an excuse. At least no much of one. I'm just not into it this year.

Maybe it's something in the water?

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I think it's the flu shots putting us all in a funk.

Just think though, double litter box, double kitty love. :) xxoo

Julie said...

A two-kitty litter box is nothing - how about an eight-kitty litter box? (Never mind that litter box cleaning is not my duty.)

Kath said...

I've downgraded Christmas pretty far this year - it barely exists for me. And to add to the mood - I work on the 25th. :/

The thing about kittens is that between their constant growing and immature digestive systems - they are sort of constant poopers. Like the output seems to exceed the input? That settles down after the year or two though!

Julie makes a good point - I can only top that with the years that I was helping to run the animal shelter at the local humane society. And my Christmas present to them that year was to be the one to take the morning shift on Christmas Day. Ya wanna talk poop quantity? Try over a dozen kittens plus a few adult cats!


Whenver I think about kitty litter I think of my cousin and her many cats and their litter boxes. You can change their food or you can wait it out or you can start calling the little one Super Pooper. Ahh life and the poop!