Friday, November 13, 2009

Where is baby Sophie?

She is LOST! Somewhere in this house... big, pretty kitty can't even find her.. Uh oh, wait.. I see her..

Ok, I'm back. So... whew. Tonight the kitties were nose to nose and doin' ok, but I was weary. Brother Al-vis took my old Sony Wega TV and I'm sure he's gonna enjoy every millisecond of it. Sharing is a good thing.

Today I told my boss she was a condescending bitch. Cuz she is. But she didn't like it and I don't care. Amen.


Kat said...

Amen. Enough said. Good for you!

Kath said...

That's one of the challenges of tiny kitties - they do occasionally disappear into hiding places. But you know - crack open a can of tuna and...poof! Kitty reappears like magic!