Monday, November 23, 2009


The cable guy was here today and I gotta tell ya... it's gonna be hard to do anything but watch tv -this picture is AMAZING. And more channels than I know what to do with. beautiful. and I'm tryin' hard to enjoy it. I was SO psyched and it IS so great that you'd think I'd be off the walls with excitement.

And I was. Except for the fact that - long story short- somehow, some way, while the guy was hooking everything (digital phone, tv and internet) up.. my computer stopped working. Blue screen. The guy tried for an hour and he did a great job w/everything else. A "fluke" he says. "Never saw that happen before" he says.

Me neither.

Long story shorter since I'm on my little laptop- Time Warner says not their problem. Even though the computer apparently broke down in the middle of the install... oopsie - too bad, so sad, not their problem. They wouldn't even offer me a few weeks of premium channels as a try at resolution. So there I am. Of course. And no backup disk. Of course. ::sigh:: So maybe not as much vacation blogging as I'd hoped. But still I know I'm blessed.

7:00 update. i'm just gonna not think about the computer right now cuz i've got a pizza in the oven and a marathon date with my boyfriend Anthony Bourdain. 52 inches of him in hi def. Can I get a "hell yes, amen!" hehehe.

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Kath said...

Yeah, I'd spend some time googling the blue screen incident timed with the upgrade and see if anyone else has had that problem. If so - you'd have ammunition to take to Time Warner!

Oh and by the way? Tony is MY boyfriend. But since we're friends I think we could probably work out a time share arrangement. ;)