Sunday, November 22, 2009

Or maybe not so much.

I haven't done a thing and just ate a hot dog and diet pepsi for breakfast. Yeah, it's like that. :::laughing::: The weather has been so gloomy I can't come out from under the blankets to do much. Brrrr. I really gonna have to force myself to turn the heat up to at least 63 or so. Live large, ya know? Ok then, now that I've had my nutritious breakfast I think I'll put up my "tree". Should take about 1 minute or so to take it out of the box and plug it in. Ok. That's done. It actually looks kind of pretty and since all the packages will be in plain brown paper decorated with large Q's - a fiber optic tree is somehow fine, and besides, I really didn't feel like gettin' out any of the other stuff this year. So there ya go.

1:30pm: I really will upload a picture later, I'm playin' with some new software (oh the joys of not havin' to go to work tomorrow!). I've decided to not do turkey this year, but just kind of treat myself well all week and cook some good food in small quantities over more days. Works for me *grin*. I've got those nice porkchops grilled and finishing up in the oven and I must say - they look pretty darn good today! And I plan to have baked sweet potato and warm fried apples (from a can, but still good) to go with it. I'll be back later - with a full belly. *grin*

Ummm... 9:00 PM update. In case you're interested... has $1 shipping. No tax and $1 shipping? I could hardly believe it. I may have had to order something just to make sure it was real. And it was. hehehe I am so bad. Just wait and see what Santa brings me *grin*. I have apparently been a very good girl this year - now please - take my credit card away!!


Sheepish Annie said...

I have to go in for two days and then my respite will begin. Of course, I have to survive those two days with kids who don't want to be in school any more than I do. But we won't discuss that part...

Enjoy your break!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Your day sounds perfect to me. Love your tree too. I may put up the small one I have this year instead of the monster. :) I am totally into Christmas, mind you, but just too tired from work being so hectic. I also have many errands to take care of while on vacation. I've been crocheting my fingers off though ... at least while I've been awake. :) xxoo