Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm tryin' to remember how to knit.

I mean they asked me to make something for the baby. Any and all cool baby blanket patterns you want to suggest - feel free!! I need ideas immediately before I lose the knitting mojo that just hit me upside the head.

And yesterday I made shepherds pie and double layer chocolate cake. Just for me. The casserole alone I'm gonna have to eat at least 27 times this week. And I finally figured out whole food thing this past few days - well... let's just say sometimes in your late 40s - PMS becomes a creature all it's own and you are helpless against its power... Know what I'm sayin'? Yeah.. well...
at least the cake is good, I'm stuffing huge amounts into my face right this minute so I know. Now I need to "focus" on this knitting project, but i swear - it's gonna be a tough couple weeks ahead. Major dental work, doc appt, and meetings with big bosses at work that are likely to be well beyond stressfull.

So like I said... I think I have to grab that knitting mojo quick. So how 'bout the baby blanket ideas? Anyone have a favorite? I can't hold out much longer to cast on *grin*.


Kath said...

Ooooo...I have an easy peasy baby blanket pattern! It's one of those amazingly mindless things that turns out looking fancy. I'll dig up a link to the pattern and email it to you!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

As you know, I'm a 'hooker' not a 'sticker.' :) Shepherds pie and double chocolate layer cake sounds like just what I need. Any left? :)

You know it's funny, I have a dental appt AND a dermatology appt this week. Hope everything goes well for both of us. xxoo

Anonymous said...

How about a Log Cabin blanket? Good for girl or boy and very simple!

I could eat an entire Shepherds pie in one evening. :-)

Sheepish Annie said...

You could crochet a blanket if that seems easier to you. I remember you were doing a lot of afghans for a while there and babies love squooshy crotchet!

I say have another slice of cake and cruise the interwebs for free patterns. They're out there and cake is always a good idea when times get stressful.

Jamisyn said...

I have no pattern suggestions for you because I don't really use patterns....but I hope the urge to knit stays! I know I got out of the groove, but recently got back into it while I was vacationing in Florida. Leave it to me to miss knitting with wool when it's god-awful hot outside!