Saturday, September 19, 2009

And then there's today.

Happened to look up when I was in the checkout lane at walmart - and there was the ex-mister walkin' in... that doesn't happen much. Hardly ever. But when it does.. well, no matter if it should or it shouldn't under the circumstances - it still hits me harder than I can believe...

And then I found out my dog is dying. I took him to the groomer and he told me i should get him to a vet fairly soon, that he thinks he has some sort of pancreatitis or liver problem.. I knew this kind of thing was comin' since he's more than 14 years old and I know I've ignored that poor little dog too much in the past few years - and he has been such a good little guy (much better behaved than certain cats I know). But right now.. he's precious. And besides, he's pretty much all I have left from the "old" days... Just sayin'.

And my jaw still hurts. The dentist visit was brutal and when the Novocaine wore off I was in tears. And this week I get a root canal on an entirely different tooth.

So there's my day. And yes, I found the tv changer under a stack of folded laundry. I'd laugh but my heart just isn't in the mood.

I think I'm gonna go build a bonfire and have a beer.



Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Sorry about the pain you were in after the dentist visit. I'm sending healing prayers your way. Also sorry about the pup. It's hard when a good and faithful friend isn't feeling their best anymore. Big Abdola just had to put Ginger down. I was away when it happened and I miss her. Glad you found the remote though.

God will heal your heart in all wasy. Enjoy the fire and the beer. xxoo

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Little tired, that was supposed to be 'ways'. Me and my fumble fingers. :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope that the vet can give you some good news. I hate to think of the poor little guy feeling poorly. Give him lots of ear scratches and tummy rubs for me.

And take care of that jaw, too. Mouth and tooth pain are the worst. Vicodin can be your friend in this situation. My dentist had to be very generous with the drugs after carving up my mouth during the last root canal!

Kath said...

Oh dear - it's so hard when our furry family members are unwell. I'll be hoping the vet has something positive to say.

And yeah - do whatever you gotta do to medicate the tooth problems! I am the biggest dental chicken in the world, I even have to "self-medicate" ahead of time!

As for runnin' into the have just discovered the reason I've stayed single for the past several years. I live in a one square mile town on an island. When you stop seeing someone, you still have to keep seeing them. In the hardware store, grocery store, bank, etc. So I've learned that in that moment the best thing you can do is to stand up straight and move forward with your head held high. Kind of like mentally putting on a crown and becoming royalty!


I always do my best not to make eye contact when I see my ex. I end up acting all overly nice and feeling like crap.

As for your pup-I am so so sorry for you. It isn't about a dog it is aobut a piece of your heart and it will just hurt.

You need to add some guaranteed joy. You need to take some of your big hearted love and direct it somewhere. Maybe a day of volunteering for some folks who are kind of yucky or smelly like a shelter or soup kitchen? Guaranteed mood enhancer.

I am so sorry about your dog.