Thursday, August 13, 2009

Third try.

Three different lawn mower belts I've bought now. Each time the good man in the lawnmower section assures me it's the right one. It hasn't been yet. Let's hope 3 times the charm. ::sigh::

In other news... well, let's just say I think this is gonna get ugly at work. As if I haven't been through enough. Honest to God, but I truly feel like they are forcing me to say I can't do my job so they can get rid of me, instead of them admitting they are aggravating a known disability - caused by them! I think tomorrow I might just look around for some legal advice.

But for tonight... it was a brutal day. I can't even discuss.. just tryin' to have a few cocktails to make it all go away. No one can live a life like this - living on xanax to make it through the day in a job so busy and intense most days I don't have enough time to drink a cup of coffee - along with bad anemia - sometimes I feel like I'm too tired to even walk to my car..

But it's ok. I know the truth of what's going on ... and as a famous man once said.. the truth shall set you free. Eventually. Until then... a nap sounds pretty good about now. ::yawn::


Anonymous said...

I think legal advice is a good idea (and a drink won't hurt either).

Hang in there!

Kath said...

Aw hell, from what you said yesterday I thought things might start to turn around. I agree, time to seek legal advice.

I know you wanna hang in and make it to retirement but Mia, you need to put your health first. I've made the mistake of letting a job drag my health down in the past, and paid the price for it. Looking back I joke about it - saying that I really gave that job everything I had, up through and including a small portion of my stomach lining! But that's not something I'd recommend.

So yeah, do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself and get a lawyer to deal with those idjits at your work.

Karen said...

Talk to a lawyer. You can see what they are doing now and what they have been doing. They've gotten away with it this long, they think you won't fight back, and just push you out. You fight for everything you have coming to you and make them treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Hope the cocktails helped last night, I know I had me a few.

Yeah it's Friday, the weekend is in sight. Hope you have a good one. Good thoughts going out for you.