Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I couldn't help it.

What with Sheepie over there talkin' about all the lob'stah... and Harbor Hon over there so close to the ocean... and me with another sick day full of watchin' Deadliest Catch catch on tv (yes, I tivo it - don't hate).... I needed me some seafood. So on the way back from the doc I got me some crablegs. I guess I never thought about doing crab legs for one, usually when you steam those bad boys, it's a party - but as I just found out, it works quite well and is just as delish when you do it for yourself. Steam 3-4 clusters for 7 minutes. Exactly. I'm so full. 2 lbs - steamed straight up with a nice cold beverage (or twelve). It was the only way. Back to the coal mines tomorrow. Maybe I'll just have crab legs for dinner for the rest of the week. *grin*


Kath said...

Oh gods - my neighbors were cooking up a big catch of fish tonight - and I just about drowned in my own drool. (Attractive picture, eh?) I need me some seafood soon!

Sheepish Annie said...

I haven't had crab in forever and ever! God...that sound sooooo goooooood!!!!!

And if I had Tivo, you can bet your bippy I'd be using it to record Deadliest Catch! How much do I love that show!!


I'm glad you enjoyed it but it all just made me gratful I'm a vegetarian. Sounded barbaric! I have decided that all unscripted tv gets addictive once you get to know the characters or rythm of the show. Comforting and horrifying all at the same time. Hope work wasn't too tramatic. Oh, and I have many many pounds of peppers and tomatoes that I'm wishing I could share:-)
Be well!