Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Six short little weeks.

That's all the time that is left until my very good, sweet friend Sosamma is leaving. Over the past year, as my troubles have mounted and my stress has been great - this wonderful woman and her husband have become very good friends to me. Besides teaching me how to cook a little indian food (and I've become an expert at making chapphati bread, thanks to her)... they have also taken me into their hearts. They offer everything they have as mine... and there is nothing they wouldn't do to help me. Their friendship and love is totally unconditional. And when I talk to my friend Sue, I see in her eyes that she understands. There is no pretend for her, no phony acting... her eyes see to the soul and her and her husband have offered me countless hours of caring conversation and advice. Every bit of it smart and good.

Because of some extremely evil, terrible betrayals by former best friends.. I have very, very few people close to me in my life. I have very little tolerance these days for "false friends" and have very little patience for the people so full of themselves and what they have or what they look like - that they can't take time to truly care about other people. I just can't waste my time with people like that but I guess it's become the American way.... but this couple is so very different. Maybe because they are from India and the culture there is so much more about people and family and relationships and God. Which is why she's leaving - to go to Manhattan to live with her son and his wife and help them take care of their small children - as is the custom of Indian families, to live together and take care of each other. How wonderful is THAT? What a concept. When the grandchildren are old enough for school, they will then retire to their home in India... and of course I've been invited there numerous times.. but I wonder if it will every really happen.

I'm going to miss them more than words can say.... the "family" that I always wanted, and found in them, is leaving.... I'm crying even now to think of it... On top of everything else that has happened this past six months.. now to lose this very special friend is pretty much more than even a "strong" woman like me can handle... and I just had to tell it. I'm so happy for her.. but more than devastated for me. My heart is broken.


Karen said...

Hang in there. Just remember no amount of distance can seperate you from your TRUE FRIENDS. They will always be a part of your heart and soul.

Sheepish Annie said...

As wonderful as it is to find those special people is as hard as it is to see them move on. But I like to think that the relationship continues, even if the distance makes it challenging.

Here's hoping that you are able to stay connected. So sorry to hear that someone so supportive won't be close by anymore. ::hugs::

janilizi said...

distance is nothing for friends of the heart