Friday, July 24, 2009


It's Friday and I had the day off. I needed it. The new job has made me crazy. Pretty much what I do now is send faxes all day long. Hundreds of faxes. Literally. And I know people would kill for my job but that doesn't make me hate it any less. And so after several weeks and a thousand or so faxes, I made a mistake and sent one fax to the wrong place - and when I told my boss - she told me that if I made a mistake like that again, I'd be given a formal counseling. Ok then. No pressure there... no sireee... none at all. Does she think I did it on purpose?? How the heck do you not make a mistake??? I dunno either.. so I made lasagna today and tried not to think about it. When it was done (and it was good - i used no cook noodles, who knew?), I cut out one little square and looked at that whole big pan and said "now what"? Cuz ya know ya can't make just a little lasagna hehe, good thing it freezes.

And tomorrow I'm off to a dulcimer gathering. Now that I have GPS I can go anywhere *grin* So I just spent about an hour getting my dulcimer tuned up... hey, I never said I was an expert musician ya know and I was scared of breaking a string, but I got it done. ::laughing:: So this should be fun and maybe I'll learn a new song. And Monday will be here soon enough.

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Karen said...

Go have yourself a great weekend.