Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday

And how much fun is it when you "find" money? It's a LOT of fun *grin*. I'm notorious for shoving money in my pockets when I buy something instead of actually putting it in my purse, and I always forget about it... so I was just getting a load of laundry ready and found myself a grand total of $26.57!! I feel rich, flush, cha-ching! ::laughing:: Forget the toast this morning... I'm gonna splurge on hospital cafeteria food ::laughing:: nothing says yummy quite like powdered scrambled eggs hehehe, and obviously, I've finally gone insane. Yup, I'm pretty sure of it. But it's Friday so it's all good. TGIF.


Kath said...

Oh heck yeah - I always shove my change in my pockets. I'm usually pretty good about cleaning out my pockets at the end of the day but once in a while on laundry day I get a little unexpected bonus!


It seems like I never carry cash any longer. I love money in the mail or when you make a mistake in your checking account in your favor or heck I'll even take when someone takes a coupon a day late! Hope you did something fun with your cash. Are you doing ok with your friends moving away? It is so hard to make friends-lots of "good" aquaintances, but friends...I think if you can have one or two in your life you are a lucky soul. Be well.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm always wondering why my purse weighs ten thousand pounds and then finding a layer of change at the bottom. It's not as bad as it was before debit cards become the order of the day...but still happening!

Hope you enjoyed your big breakfast splurge!