Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr. Woodchuck

That's what I've been told.. is there a difference between a woodchuck and a groundhog? Then what's a gopher? *grin* I have no clue. All I know is it seems my only options are to trap it or shoot it - and I choose neither. So I went out to the garden today and put in a bunch of little flags, some mothballs AND citrus peel. I figure to try all the things you guys suggested - somethin's gotta work to keep the critters out.

Ok.. and tell me how many times this has ever happened to you. You get your mail and there is the credit card bill you've been expecting. You know it's a whopper and ya kind of squint a little when you look at it so you can sort of sneak up on the balance ::laughing:: and for some reason the bill says ZERO payment due this month. ????? I called the company to see what the deal was and if it was correct... and they said yes! They said they knew people were having a rough time with the economy and if I didn't want to, I didn't have to pay anything on the balance, just the interest. Can you say perfect timing with all the other unexpected repairs I've just had to pay for!? That was just too cool and I think there was some kind of "message" there. Know what I mean?

And I am blessed.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Hope the tips help with the garden. I've only gotten one bill that said I owed zero and that was when the Gas & Electric Company gave us a credit because the Governor arranged it for the citizens of Baltimore. You go girl! That is truly a blessing. xxoo

Kath said...

Hmmm...I've never thought of mothballs for anything except fleas. As long as it's just a flower garden it seems worth a shot. I would just be concerned about putting them around a veggie garden!

And I have NEVER had an experience like that with a credit card company or any other bill! That is incredibly cool. Wish those folks at your credit card company would pass the idea along to my utility or insurance company - skipping a payment there would be nice!

Julie said...

Groundhog, woodchuck, gopher - I've always thought they were just different names for the same animal. We gave up on our gardens after trying for years to get rid of them in various ways. The last attempt was to trap one in a have a heart trap and take it away. A couple days later we came upon the cutest itty bitty babies who were missing their mommy. That did us in! We took the babies to the Center for Wildlife where they took care of them and set them free. That was about 5 or 6 years ago and we haven't had a garden since.


Nicest way I know of to get rid of a gopher is to put an empty uncapped 2 liter in the hole. The sound bothers them and they leave. I could never handle the trap or kill alternatives. Reflective, noisy things close to the ground in your garden keep most things out- we use old CDs and aluminum pans. I also figure out what is the favorite snack of our pest and the next year I plant them their own patch of it on the far side of the yard.

I am so glad that you seem to up on the upside of the fate wheel. The universe has to roll your way sometimes. Enjoy and be happy!

Jamisyn said...

That same thing happened to me!! I was pleased I just paid the interest on it. They told me they did it for their good customers...or valued customers or some load of crap like that.