Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So much has changed my friends. in SUCH a short time. The "passing" of my dad and Disability Retirement has made a such remarkable difference on my life. But I am doing well. If you want to stay in touch, please leave an email. Too many toxic people out there in the world to keep this blog freedom of speech going. I will miss it. But I stay in contact with many longtime friends via FB and email.

I am the BEST I have EVER been!

Stay in touch.



Anonymous said...

The only one that is toxic is you and the way you treat people and your family. People will see the real you come out sooner or later.

Mia said...

Well you happy little camper - if I'm so toxic, why are you reading my blog? hahahaha made ya look ;D

janilizi said...

wondered what Had happened to you and if the first post is anything to go by I am not surprised you have not been posting.Hoping that life contiues to serve you well and that you are enjoying your retirement after such a struggle at work. Take care.
Janice in England

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad how someone would call another person toxic and not have the courage to identify themselves....
Take care.
Your cousin,