Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ok. I'm ready.

I'm all set for the festivities! This is the first year ever I can just stay in through whatever snow might come. It's too cool for comprehension. I have goodies stocked and QVC was once again my friend. I can't wait till Christmas morning to see what I got me!! ::laughing::

Honestly though, the relief of retirement and steady income is amazingly helpful to the anxiety level. Truth be told. But I earned it. I made sure that NO MATTER WHAT I was gonna get 30 years so I could retire with health insurance. That's the big deal these days and I know how quick they add up... so I ended up with 30 1/2 years. Cool.

Anyway.. I'm trying to decide what to have for my Christmas dinner. Leaning toward ham and mashed potatoes. Another iron treatment tomorrow and dentist next week and I'll be free to just stay home and enjoy ;) Can't wait! I've been very, very good this year and I hope Santa noticed ;)

I am blessed and thankful beyond measure.

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Sara said...

"I am blessed and thankful beyond measure."

What a delightful thing to read! :D!

Merry Christmas!