Friday, November 18, 2011

Hooping talk..

I'm addicted. To hoola hooping. Also called cardio hoop or hoop dancing. I just picked up enough tubing today at the local home store to make a hoop for every day of the week. It's totally amazing how much playin' with these hoops helps my anxiety! No directions or stress... just plain exhausting fun. It can be just a couple of spins or a half hour of practice for one trick. No rules. But I just can NOT hoop and be mad or worried... those things float away. I put on some good music and end up grinning and proud of myself for each little accomplishment. Especially the one where my jeans fit ;D

So there ya go. Of course I have pretty colored tape coming in the mail so I can make my own hoops. Picking the colors is part of the fun ;D and I'll post pictures soon.

I am feelin' so good I just don't have the words to explain. With my vitamins all up and the workouts - and so many of the stressful issues of the past are over and done - it's sort of like a dream. A very cool dream.

PS and by the way, ya just never know when a little encouragement from an internet friend can change your life in such a positive way... but it can and I'm thankful.

Beyond THANKFUL and extremely and truly blessed.

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