Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Pepperoni rolls in the oven. This is try #2, #1 was epic failure. So this time I bought some pizza dough, wrapped up some stuff, added egg washed and now baking till they look done.

So the other interesting thing today... when I pulled into the bank drive thru - I saw a guy laying in the front yard of the bank. Under the shade tree. Weedeater laying next to him and his fingers laced behind his head.

Me at drivethru: You know you have a guy laying in your front yard, right?
Her: No.
Me: Well he is. Full on stretched out.
(I can see her thru window, she said something to people inside because another guy started mimicked how the guy was laying out there since apparently he saw him too, but didn't say anything).
Her: We'll check into it.

Well, it took them a hell of a long time. I mean, what if the guy was HURT instead of drunk. Huh? What then?? He could have rolled onto the pavement! I stayed for several minutes. The weedeater was turned off thank goodness, because he rolled over on it. I never saw the people come out of the bank but I finally saw the "yard man" hunch himself up on one elbow and I figure he'd be all right.

His job? Maybe not so much, but what was I to do? I had to tell. Poor guy.

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