Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good morning, Good morning.

This was my iphone pic of the day yesterday from my front door. This morning is a whole nother story - dark, cold and rainy. So I thought I'd just remember yesterday while I drink my coffee. I'm feelin' Grrrreat today. Huh. Who'd have thunk? ::laughing:: Well, I did get started back on my vitamins and got my blood work done to work on the anemia - so it won't be long until I'm back to the Pilates. God is good.

Most of my big "life hurdles" are behind me... only a little ways to go now - but I need to get a good head start on just learning to enjoy each and every during the times both good and bad - ya just never know. Too many people close to me have been passing lately. Gotta start remembering to look up and be thankful.

Anyway, that's all. Just thought I'd take a moment and share. And be grateful. And I am.


Sara said...

Lovely photo, and thanks for the reminder to be grateful...I needed it today :).

Sheepish Annie said...

That is an amazing photo! Hard to believe we can do that kind of thing with just a cell phone these days. Will wonders never cease?