Monday, September 26, 2011

All is well

I haven't been blogging much - VERY mucho paperwork/notary/copies/certified mail needs to happen when you're retired at 50. (Deleted portion deserves its own post.)


I do believe it's all done for the retirement situation and the numbers are correct. I just stayed low, hunkered down, paid my bills and put my food on a credit card until the storm was over. But now it is... and they owe me a CHUNK of money ;)

And soon enough friends - my actual retirement adventures may begin! Was invited to an AWESOME pig roast this past weekend and I went. SO glad I did. I needed to get out and it was a really cool party - tons of people - a couple kegs, huge fire and a roasted pig - what else do I need to say? People set up tents in the backyard so there was no driving and most were college kids with stamina. Remember those days?

Anyway, I finally figured out a girl cannot live by bologna sandwiches alone - and tonight shall be a celebratory feast! Ham steak, sweet potatoes, actual vegetables!!! I mean - thats sayin' a lot!

So now that the financial numbers are looking WAAAAYYYYY much better - I expect to have a lot more to talk about soon ;)

And I am profoundly and abundantly blessed - even if I don't realize it until the very last second sometimes - Sometimes the good Lord saves me from myself.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Phew! Glad the storm has passed and that you are now able to enjoy that retirement as you should.