Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Morning coffee.

Yup, I got plenty - come on over. Until then you'll just have to put up with these random thoughts as I sip my third cup.

Splenda might be better for ya, but Sweet n Low is MUCH better tasting, in my opinion.

My lawn looks beautiful and it's gonna be such a beautiful day out there it's likely to hurt my eyes.

As I opened my new refill of pain med bottle this morning, realized doc upped the strength and never hold me. Huh. Thank God for different colors.

I'm thinkin' about takin' myself out to eat today. I even know where, just not when. We shall see.

The cats are now finally back to normal after my week absence. Big kitty has stopped her hissing and has finally come into the living room. At this moment they are back to their usual racing over and around this house and God help them that gets in the way. Hmmm... maybe I need to go away again.

Did I tell ya about the dream I had the other night? If I told ya, already - never mind, I left my groom at the alter. He was everything a woman could want. Thoughtful, honest, etc. Perfect. Except when we got to the alter a) I realized I didn't want to be married again. b) I suddenly realized he was a foot shorter than me and c) I couldn't remember his damn name! Two days later and I'm still laughing about it because I remember that dream clear as a bell and I almost never remember my dreams.

So there ya go. Three cups of coffee down and I'm ready to get busy.

And I am blessed.

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Sheepish Annie said...

I had to laugh about your dream. I always have The Wedding Dream when I am under stress. I suddenly realize I don't have my dress, I don't even know the groom and haven't a clue about the vows...I wake up in a cold sweat every time. It's worse than the Zombie Dreams!!!!