Monday, August 8, 2011

Mercury in retrograde

Apparently for most of the month, which means a sluggish and unproductive time. Spot on. I'm a month into my retirement now and settling in. Not much to blog about just now. I've gotten used to taking long naps and not feeling guilty. Not wearing a watch or setting the alarm, although I often still wake up with that anxiety... There was no way in the world I could ever have worked 5 more years until my normal retirement under the conditions I was put in. I know in my heart of hearts the stress would have killed me long before then... but no matter now because at the very last second, He scooped me up and I am free.

But this retrograde thing. I don't seem to have much ambition for anything and no real goal at the moment which seems to be a pretty common theme out the in the internet universe. I'm pretty sure that's a clear signal to sit back and relax. And I think I shall. But when it's over... look out! ::laughing::

And I am blessed.

PS - I'll make SURe to take a pic of my next sidewalk/road chalk masterpiece. It was kind of fun!

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