Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Friends!

I know.. I've been lazy. And busy. I hope ya'll are surviving the earthquakes and hurricanes. I was on a mountain top for the earthquake - I could HEAR that thing. It was awesome in power even though technically it wasn't very big. I just figured it was my dad rolling over in his grave. Just sayin'.

So I got back from the WV holler just head of the storm, perfect weather for the whole drive. And with the help of Sirius XM radio, I have recently started to enjoy long straight drives. Something good to listen to is as important as good weather to me. Things are good.

I love goin' to that mountain. It always restores my soul and I feel my dad everywhere. Anyway... I took some purty pictures down there and maybe I'll post some later. Gonna rearrange my computer desk for today's project. Wish me luck!

I am blessed.

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