Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh my, my, my...

The boss came to me at 2:00 on Friday and told me if I wanted it could be my last day. "huh?" She said they'd buy me out and go ahead and pay me for the holiday and the days I have left if I'd leave on Friday! Took me about 5 minutes to think about, then I said "Hell YES"!

I'm pretty sure they didn't like me telling everyone I won - especially since I told the Medical Director that I used to work for about two hours before the offer came *grin* and I think word got back. So I am an officially retired woman! No more work EVER!!!! Went today and bought myself a retirement present - Yaaaa HOOOO and it looks SO darn cute with my camper ;)

This is a pretty big adjustment, like a friend said, it's a major life change the same way getting married or buying a new house is.. but I think I'm gonna like it. Everyone keeps asking what I'm gonna do and I just say "Whatever I want".

And the reactions are priceless. When I went to the car dealer today and told him I was retiring - he pulled up his paperwork to do a double take on my birth date - I just laughed and said, yeah, I know I look too young - but my big smile said it all. And now I have a purty red SUV to tow my camper with. Another plus is this dealership gives all buyers a once year detailing and inspection for free for your birthday, plus free carwashes anytime you go to one of their dealerships! Cool, eh?

But for now, to bed for a nap. Head cold is still kickin' my butt. Funny thing is the car salesman had the same bad cold! I shared my box of Sucrets with him ::laughing:: and he couldn't stop thanking me. I'm picking the new baby up Tuesday and I can't wait! But for now.. back to bed.

I am blessed ;)


Sara said...

Congrats! Enjoy, and let the adventures begin :).

Sheepish Annie said...

Enjoy every single minute of it. You have earned it, girl!!!