Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've been thinkin'

It's time for a new blog banner. And I know that somewhere, some awesome person told me how to make one. And I saved the directions but now I can't find them, but it seemed very easy at the time.

I'm havin' trouble coming up with the right thing... I mean, I only got this idea about a few minutes ago. I always have been impulsive. ::laughing::

I'll figure it out, but any ideas that would "suit" me would be good.

Another recent discovery is that when a girl is home all day, she tends to drink more coffee than she might have when she worked. Just because it doesn't cost $3.95 a cup is reason enough. Anyway, I digress.

I'm about to get out that new hand held steamer I bought for myself a few Christmas's ago. It's brand new but now I have the time to use it! See? There was a method to that buying splurge last year! Look out little kitties.... I might be a danger ;D

And I am blessed.

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