Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh wait.. it gets even better~~!!!

So I went and got me some reader glasses and they work ok, but I picked up that letter too and it said...


And I wrote every letter, attended three hearings, numerous legal papers and wrote my own Memorandum of law pro se and I still won over the States attorney!!! Yes I WILL pat myself on the back, thank you very much, but it was a three year long battle, and more than 7 years of suffering with the PTSD.... I knew I had the truth on my side and I put my heart and soul into that three page pro se final response. I suspect disability retirement isn't often approved for those who acquire same without going to war. Just sayin'. From looking over the paperwork, it seems they made an exception for me and possibly a precedent for someone else in the same situation.

All I can say is Praise God and my kitties too for keeping me home today to get this letter ;DDDDDDD As you can see, I CAN'T get this smile off my face!!


Sara said...


It was prescient to buy that travel trailer.... :D!

E. Smith said...

Your great news has made my day!