Monday, June 13, 2011


I've always been fascinated. I am a Christian, but I believe God made everything for a reason, including the stars. Just had my chart done to find out I am Sagittarius with Aquarius rising. It pretty much blew my mind to read the descriptions of myself. Your astrological chart is started from the moment you took your first breath and the way all the stars and planets are aligned at that very second.

It was interesting to note in mine, that I would have a propensity towards anxiety conditions, and struggles with alcohol and gambling. *cough* Harsh, but true, and maybe easier to understand. It also said I would have an interest in things like astrology ::laughing::

I've been watching a lot of stuff on my ipad too. (I have loved that thing since the day I bought it) and a must see is Ancient Aliens The Series. I'm watching it on Netflix, but it might be on Hulu too. I'm gonna go back and watch it again - it's not about zombie type aliens, more like the history of the ancients of Sumeria, Egypt, Nazca lines, etc. Fascinating if you like that sort of thing, and I always have.

Anyway. Just thought I'd check in for a minute, but I'm hungry. Dinner is going to be a giant cheeseburger smothered in caramelized onions, and I can't wait *grin*.

I have to also apologize for not getting out to read many blogs lately. Since they shut down everything online at work we could possibly listen to and are monitoring our computers now... I don't dare and what with Twitter and Pilates and tryin' to tame my two wild beasts (also known as cats)... well, not much time left... but I'm gonna check back to Bloglines and see if it's working again. That was my blog reading demise since I can't figure out any good way on a mac to save the sites I want to read regularly. Suggestions helpful.

Other than that... enjoy your day. If everything is going to hell - just look around and find ONE little thing that makes you happy for today, this minute, and go for it. Simple things are good like maybe a dessert, a nice hand lotion or a walk on a cool night. As you can tell, I'm continuing my practice of trying to live and enjoy the moment - I've missed waaayyy too many already and don't intend to miss many more.

And I am blessed.

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