Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I feel the need...

to just blather on. Work is ok, because honestly, ever since I filed that first Human Rights case (which I still have no answer), they have not bothered me one bit. I go in and plug in my earphones, listen to something on Netflix and punch the numbers. It's ok.. but still.. feels more like prison than a life.

Anyhoo. Who cares. This is my year of health and that Pilate's machine is hurtin' me bad.. but i figure a few more weeks and things will be much different ::laughing::

As far as camping, yes. I am. I'm going with some people in a week or two, trial. I don't have a vehicle yet to tow it, but soon enough. THEN the adventures should begin *grin*. I just pray I be safe. I do have a bad eye and it's hard to drive, but I know I can do this. Just take it slow and easy. And I will.

Ok, that is all. I'd write more but I'm entranced with a blue agate ring I just bought from Q. ::laughing::: There is no hope for me ;D

And I am blessed.

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