Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good morning, Good morning, Good morning.

And I must say, it is. I was just standing outside for my regular conversation with God. It's the perfect spring day, cool breeze, sun rising bright, everything looking all lush and green from all the rain.'

And mercy of mercy - my boss has now decided OUR office should start observing the holidays too! Usually she makes us work but apparently her budget has shrunk cuz we ALL get Monday off this time. Yaaaa-hoooo!

And guess what! I might go camping SOON! I don't have a tow vehicle YET - but I've been offered a tow to the campground so I can hang out and give my new little camper a try! That makes me very excited. I've been working on getting started on the Pilates again so I have good and strong muscles, cuz sometimes a girl just has to get stuff done herself. Ya know? And I AM a self proclaimed weakling, but I can already feel the Pilates difference. And i've found most people are good and are willing to help if I just ask (which I hate to have to do) but I will be forever grateful. They know who they are.

Even tonight's dinner is all set. A leftover Chalupa and some strawberry rhubarb cobbler. Yes I AM predicting severe munchies - why do you ask?

Anyway, we shall all get through this day. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing or going through... take a deep breath or two and look around - find SOMETHING to be thankful for... and enjoy this fresh, new day.

We are ALL blessed. Amen.

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Sara said...

"take a deep breath or two and look around - find SOMETHING to be thankful for..."

Thank you! I needed to hear that today :).