Friday, May 20, 2011

Four letter words.

First it was a thousand days of SNOW. Now it's a thousand days of RAIN. When will it STOP?

The grass is growing like it's on steroids but it's just too darn wet for anyone to get out there to mow (although the guy DID come and get mine done yesterday, YAY!). And I have flowers waiting to plant. Yes, even though I have seen one MORE groundhog in the backyard, I'm going to try again. Last year the large family 0f four ate every single thing I put in the ground. We shall see who wins the battle this year!!

Other than that, not much. Just working. Decided the only way to survive it all is to just zone out on the Xanax, listen to Netflix movies and do my 9-5 and wait for retirement. I'm looking at it EXACTLY like a 4 year prison sentence. Just make it. One day at a time. But then, oh...! When I'm finally FREE, I'll be retired at 55 with a fat 35 years of service pension. And no debt. To live like that, I can "do" four more years. I haven't heard anything from any of the legal stuff, but like I said, I don't really care any more. I can save a LOT of money in four years, God willing I stay healthy enough to do it. Just sayin'.

Well, I guess that's all the "news" I have for today. I put on some jeans today that were tight last time I wore them and I expected a struggle.. but they're loose! That was a very cool way to start the day, and a good thing because on Fridays a friend at work always stops at Mickey D's on her way in and picks me up a breakfast sandwich. It's a tradition ::laughing::

Enjoy your weekend peeps. And if you get taken in the "rapture" tomorrow, give the Man upstairs a hello from me, cuz I am surely blessed.

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