Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Okey dokey then!

Got a deal worked out with a guy about mowing some lawn. ::laughing:: A great deal and he'll weedeat too. (don't go getting all perverted, i know some of you people). Anyway... it works for me as I hope to be a campin' mama come the summer. Still waitin' for the new front window to come in, then gonna get the security hookup.

In the meantime, bein' sorely tempted to buy an SUV asap ;D

I am so freakin' PROUD of me! Some of you have known me for a LONG time.. and can you imagine ME planning cross country road trips by MYSELF?? I can't hardly believe it either.

But I get on my knees and Praise and be Thankful. Amen.

Update 10 minutes after I posted this - Checked my cell voicemail for the first time in who knows when and the window is IN! Yaaaa-HOOO! Construction man says maybe this weekend! Can you tell I'm excited?? ;D

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