Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Palm Sunday

And I'm sure it is, but my hands are still shaking from the start to MY day.

It was simple enough, I was cleaning the house and moving stuff around. I vacuumed and was moving my Pilates machine. Somehow in the moving of it and how I was holding the metal bars, my pinkie finger got caught. It was wedged right at the little joint closest to the end.

I had the sudden knowledge that if I panicked and moved any little way at all in a hurry the end of my little finger would be sheared off and I had no doubt. I was still trying to hold the machine in my right hand with my little finger of the other hand caught hard.. but it was heavy and I was trying not to stay calm. I finally had the idea to use my knee as very careful leverage until I could put the weight of the metal on the floor. Gently, I pried that delicate little finger out of the place it was jammed. Praise God. It only has an indented cut with a little bit of blood and doesn't look like much... it throbs and nothing is broken, but that was a close one.

Can you imagine how all "gangsta" I would have looked with half a pinkie finger!

I am blessed.

Evening update: finger is MUCH better than I thought it was gonna be - hardly even hurts to bend it. I'm thinkin' of an early evening tucked in with Netflix on an iPad is next and I might even go wild and make some popcorn ;D Carry on.

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