Monday, April 18, 2011

Fatima turned six!

Even though it was four months ago - takes a long time for mail to get to Guatemala and I just got this picture the other day. Fatima is my Compassion International daughter that I sponsor, and I love this program. You can actually correspond with your own, specially chosen child. I have some lovely flower drawings and translated letters from her. And in this picture, she wanted to show me what she spent the birthday money on that I sent her... including her new yellow dress and shoes. Just look at that happy smile! And the Cornflakes and other household goods, I'm SURE, are a big treat that she will share with her family. She's a very generous hearted little girl and in her letters she always asks me to pray for her family (six kids), and I do.

Just thought I'd share 'cuz it makes me happy to see how very much such a little bit can do.

Pay it forward. And I am blessed. Happy Easter in advance ;D we are ALL blessed. Amen.


Geri said...

After reading your post about Fatima I went and checked out the site. It didn't take me long to pick a child to support.

The little boy I chose is from Bangladesh. He was one of the few children not smiling in his photo. I was immediately attached to this little boy. I am hopeful to make a difference in his life.

God Bless you and thanks for guiding me to this wonderful program and my new "son".


Mia said...

Oh YAY Geri! Why do I not have your email? That's awesome, wondering what his name is?!


Geri said...

Morning email is

The little boys name is Ananta Tanchangya.

Hopefully the next picture I see he will be smiling.

Sheepish Annie said...

What a perfect day to catch up on blog reading! That is just such a wonderful picture and so inspirational. I'm proud of you for all you do!