Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All tidied up.

Yep, things looked pretty good at work today. Amazing what a few (or 10) pallets of ceiling tiles can do. A few offices were closed completely because of water damage; unfortunately, not mine.

Anyway.. I have been a bizy, bizy girl. Gonna get my carport extended in height so I can get my camper underneath it. Typical girl that I am, it never entered my mind it wouldn't fit. And yes, I know about tape measures I just never thought of it! Also the front window still to get done hopefully this weekend, a few other maintenance things and security system installed next week. Cool. Now I can go camping and know someone's watchin' my place and I like that feeling. A lot. AND the security system comes with one of those key things to activate and turn off. Oh yes, that is for me ;D

Let's see... not gonna talk about the whole West Virginia saga at the moment. Patience.

I'm getting everything sorted out and lookin' forward to takin' that Gecko camper out on it's maiden voyage and think I'll start lookin' at SUVs this weekend. I really don't want a car payment, but what can ya do.

And so that's pretty much where I'm at. Just gettin' thru the day is fine by me. And I don't know where the whole retirement and Human Rights stuff is at, but If I don't end up getting this early retirement - i only have 4 and a half more years to go. I'll call it Time for: "saving up the Benjamins".

And I am blessed.

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