Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow. What words can I say? My eyes are glued to the tv, as horrible as it is, I can't look away. At work I listen to live coverage on my earphones. With all the troubles with weather in strange places, so many earthquakes, tsunamis and drought, things don't look good and I think we're getting a BIG wake up call. And I, for one, am paying attention!

Since I live in Central New York, I'm not too worried about a tsunami - but people dont' realize the true havoc a bad earthquake can cause. We've had a couple bad storms through the years that only lasted 3-4 days, but in that short time we found out that if the gas stations are closed. No gas. No electric means no bank machines and no money. Stores are wiped out. It wouldn't take very long, even living here, for things to go very, very bad very quickly. I've been into stocking up for years in case of emergency.. but now I'm getting serious. Essentials only, but I'm layin' in supplies NOW.

This thing with the nuclear leakage scares me to death. Nothing even CLOSE to this big has ever happened in the world before and no one really knows, according to the news I've watched, WHAT might happen.

Sure does make you realize what's important when you sit there on your comfy couch next to the warmth of a heater and a purring kitty on your lap, and watch on your 52" tv screen as humans are swept away to their death in a giant wave they never saw coming.

And the pictures of the grief stricken people. I know that particular feeling of grief, not knowing who or what you are, of what your future will hold, of being all alone. A hurt so big it feels like it can physically be breaking your heart and soul at the very same time. I know that pain and I can feel it for them. But what IS their hope? My mind can hardly think of anything else, yet I know of not one thing I can to do help other than pray, and that I am.

It's also a big day in my own personal life drama as well. A big, big day. Things are moving forward. Slowly. Frustrating. Inch by inch in all arenas, but moving forward nonetheless. Soon, with God's help, all will be revealed and my father's honor restored, and you just never know what papers might come in the mail from my work situation.

And I am blessed beyond measure. Amen.

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