Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have a dilemma (sp?) ::laughing::

For real though. I'm beyond annoyed. My boss has to comment on every. single. thing. I. eat. She passes my desk a thousand times a day and she sees all.

Now listen, the last boss I had was out for 8 months for food issues (starving herself), if this one also wants to eat Cheerios for her entire days meal, that's her choice. But woman - I'm about to say "back off".

Not only does she notice the food I have, usually cheese grits or pork rinds (sorry, the truth is ugly, but moderation *grin*), but she always stops to wrinkle her nose and make a total point of telling me how disgusting it is, whatever "it" might be.

Puhhleeese. WTF. Can a girl not eat some lousy grits in peace? No. You should have SEEN the fuss she made over the cinnamon roll I bought the other day! Not only did she notice and comment when I bought it and she saw it sitting on my desk, she also noticed and commented the moment it was gone. ::sigh::

Yes, this is my life and I surely know I'm blessed. But Lord, some days a girl just gets tired. Know what I mean?


Sara said...

She just wants a bite (don't do it!!).


Becky said...

That's when you mimic the scene from "When Harry Met Sally" and start making orgasmic sounds and saying things like "But it's soooooooooo good. Mmmmmm" LOL