Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

To my dad... you'd have been 74 today. I'd go ahead and say Rest in Peace, but I won't - 'cuz I know there's no way you're good hearted soul can possibly rest once you seen what was done to you by your own family, and I can't say as I blame you. It was evil. It was low down and dirty. It was purely and absolutely shameful. But we both know all things work for good and we both know what YOU wanted and it's gonna work out and eventually we will Both be able to rest.

I've been told a few times in the past few months that I am the spittin' image of you except for bein' a girl *grin*. They say I act like you, talk like you, and I have the same sort of ways and thinkin' as you. And I can think of absolutely no higher honor...

So I guess as long as I'm alive, part of you will always be. And dad, as God is my witness, YOUR honor WILL be given back to you some day, some how, and I will not rest until it's done if I have to live till 101 to do it.


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Sheepish Annie said...

What better tribute to a parent than that? He'd have loved it. And I'm sure that he heard it and is smiling!