Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yeah, sorry..

I've been a bit enchanted (obsessed) with the iPad and forgot I had a blog. Yes, I can blog from it but there just so MUCH other cool stuff and apps to download. I swear, that thing was invented for people like me who can't keep track of anything. And now there it is, absolutely everything I'd ever need be it in an emergency or just to entertain myself - directions, phone numbers, maps, timers, word processing, games, books, the internet world... all in one slick little tablet... and only one cord to charge. (And yes, I AM a 50 year old little kid, thank you very much *grin*) And I'll go ahead and admit the bigger page IS so much nicer to see.

We've come a long way from DOS commands and an internet that had no pictures. Just sayin'.

It might not make sense to anyone else... but for me... it makes me feel safe. Not so isolated and going places by yourself like the park or whatever, can get a little boring, unless you bring along a little web surfing friend. *grin* Seriously though, being alone is a scary thing and good to have so many resources at my fingertips. Plus it's just a heck of a lot of fun and worth every penny. And also I might mention that it's very necessary to keep in touch with my very cool "internet family" that I've met through the various media and this blog. They already know they're cool - hahahahahaha. But still - there are times in my life when I don't know what I would have done without them... so there ya go.

Mr. Tax Man (I like to call him Mr. Magic) comes tomorrow. I should hear good things from him ::crossing fingers::

And I am Blessed!

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