Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My opinion of the iPad.

SWEEEET as hell!!! If ya know what I mean. It does pretty much the same as my iphone, but then again not. Slick... just slick. For the calendar alone it's worth it 'cuz I sure can't see that little one on my iphone and the keyboard is much better too. Also another thing is I can't STAND to use the little trackball on netbooks and such, so this touch screen is a definite plus on that... and the graphics... have mercy.

Another VERY big plus - it fits the same charge and synch cord as my iphone!!

It took me a little while to get all synched up to my home wireless and synch with my phone because i am a total tech-tard and that stuff skeeves me out and makes me more nervous than it should, but I did it and it really wasn't very hard at all. I still need to find a good word processing program (my only complaint) but I LOVE this thing! Love. Did I mention LOVE it?? Ok. Just so long as we understand that.

I have much writing to do and as a wise woman once told me - "just write". And I spend SO freakin' much time waiting around for the bus and the commute and such - I'm excited to have a way to spend the time.

PS - Best deal - I ordered a "refurb" from great price and no shipping charge ;)

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